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Bylines w/ Taipei Times + in-flight mags (EVA Air, Philippine Airlines, Scoot, SilkAir, Hong Kong Airlines). I grew up in 10 countries on 4 continents. danayter@gmail.com

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268. book review bu san bu si may 3 2017   copy article
Taipei Times

Book review: Bu San Bu Si - Taipei Times

Joe Henley’s second novel provides a rare and nuanced insight in to Taiwan’s underground punk music scene, exploring in gruesome detail the consequences of failing to conform to a dominant culture.

267. art list apr 28 2017 article
Taipei Times

Art exhibition listings - Taipei Times

Art exhibition listings, Apr. 28, 2017.

265. larp story march 28 2017 article
Taipei Times

LARPing around - Taipei Times

Live Action Role Players will convene by Beimen MRT this weekend for another epic battle and all are welcome to join.

266. aimatchmaker march 30 2017 article
Taipei Times

AiMMing for love - Taipei Times

The dating app AiMatchMaker caters to singles looking to find partners with shared ‘Chinese values,’ though what these values are remains elusive.

264. rest rev fresh station march 25 2017 article
Taipei Times

Restaurant: Fresh Station 逸鮮棧 - Taipei Times

At Fresh Station (逸鮮棧) in Taipei, firefly squid is brought in from Japan's Toyama Bay four times a week until April.

263. surf comp beach cleanup march 23 2017 article
Taipei Times

No trash allowed in these waves - Taipei Times

This weekend’s surf competition at Double Lions Beach will include a beach clean-up as part of an ongoing effort to raise environmental awareness.

262. green future for taiwan march 16 2017 article
Taipei Times

A green future for Taiwan? - Taipei Times

John Mathews, a professor of management at Macquarie University, will discuss his new book, ‘Global Green Shift,’ and Taiwan’s role in the global green economy at a series of public lectures this week and next in Taipei and Hsinchu.

260. a helping paw march 7 2017 article
Taipei Times

A helping paw - Taipei Times

Saturday’s wine night at NakedFood will raise funds for the Seeing Project, an endeavor that encourages people to adopt animals from shelters.

261. joss stone interview march 2 2017 article
Taipei Times

Spreading soulful vibes and happiness - Taipei Times

English soul singer Joss Stone — who will perform for the first time in Taiwan this month — speaks to the Taipei Times about travel, overcoming ignorance and giving back to the global community.

Restaurant review ja ho   cropped article
Taipei Times

Restaurant review: Ja Ho 家伙 - Taipei Times

Ja Ho recreates a traditional Taiwanese noodle shop in a setting that is artful and contemporary.

259. fat shaming feb 22 2017 article
Taipei Times

Meet the women combating fat shaming in Taiwan - Taipei Times

Amy Lin and Mallie Hsieh are taking to social media to spread body positivity through jokes and good humor.

258. art list feb 17 2017 article
Taipei Times

Art exhibition listings - Taipei Times

Art exhibition listings, Feb. 17, 2017.

257. snapshots from a big red bus feb 14 2017 article
Taipei Times

Snapshots from a big red bus - Taipei Times

A Taipei resident tries out the city’s new ‘hop-on, hop-off’ double-decker sightseeing bus and discovers she’s been taken on a ride.

Year of the rooster jan 27 2017 article
Taipei Times

When the rooster croaks - Taipei Times

From career advice to the best direction to face while trying to conceive a child, words of wisdom from Taipei’s fortune tellers for the Year of the Rooster.

Toilet paper jan 24 2017 article
Taipei Times

Toilet training - Taipei Times

Taipei residents are reacting positively to the government’s announcement last month regarding its new toilet paper policy: flush it, don’t chuck it.