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Bylines w/ Taipei Times + in-flight mags (EVA Air, Philippine Airlines, Scoot, SilkAir, Hong Kong Airlines). I grew up in 10 countries on 4 continents. danayter@gmail.com

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Hoshing chef taipeipastry2   copy article
Marriott Traveler

Artisans and Crafts: An Insider’s Guide to Taipei’s New and Old Allure - Marriott Traveler

Taipei has a magnetic pull thanks to big city life mixed with a laid-back mentality and small-town feel. Here're insider things to do in Taipei.

Perfect day in taipei p62 article

A Perfect Day in Taipei - Hong Kong Airlines

Aspire - in-flight magazine of Hong Kong Airlines, June 2017 issue

Sf p26 article

Uncovering San Francisco's Creative Spaces - EVA Air

EnVoyage - in-flight magazine of EVA Air, June 2017 issue, 'Art Capitals' column

Mbmore instoredecor   copy article
Marriott Traveler

Crafty Commerce: Why Taipei Is an Indie Shopper’s Paradise - Marriott Traveler

With boutique shops selling handmade crafts, clothes and souvenirs, Taipei is a shopper's paradise. Here are some under-the-radar places for Taipei shopping.

Jim warehouse article
Marriott Traveler

Meet the Taipei Brewer Transforming the City’s View of Craft Beer - Marriott Traveler

The Taiwan beer scene is fast growing. Visit Jim & Dad's Brewing Co., an hour's drive from Taipei, and meet the craft brewer driving this change.

268. book review bu san bu si may 3 2017   copy article
Taipei Times

Book review: Bu San Bu Si - Taipei Times

Joe Henley’s second novel provides a rare and nuanced insight in to Taiwan’s underground punk music scene, exploring in gruesome detail the consequences of failing to conform to a dominant culture.

Hong kong mahjong p24 article

The Clack is Back - Philippines Airlines

Mabuhay - in-flight magazine of Philippine Airlines, May 2017 issue

Sinful treats p40 article

Sinful Treats: A Revival of Old-School Confections in Taipei - Travel in Taiwan

Travel in Taiwan, May/June 2016 issue, "Island Feast" column

Amsterdam p28 article

Amsterdam for Art Aficionados - EVA Air

EnVoyage - in-flight magazine of EVA Air, May 2017 issue, 'Art Capitals' column

Chengdu mahjong p15 article

Out on the Tiles - SilkAir

Silkwinds - in-flight magazine of SilkAir, May 2017 issue

Dragon boats p45 article

Dragon-Boat Racing in Taipei - UNI Air

Les Iles - in-flight magazine of UNI Air, owned by EVA Air, May/June 2017 issue

267. art list apr 28 2017 article
Taipei Times

Art exhibition listings - Taipei Times

Art exhibition listings, Apr. 28, 2017.

Tea p65 article

Steeped in the Past - Philippine Airlines

Mabuhay - in-flight magazine of Philippine Airlines, Apr 2017 issue

Scoot aprmay 2017 cover article

Something To Sprout About - Scoot

Scoot - in-flight magazine of Scoot, owned by Singapore Airlines, Apr/May 2017 cover story

Scoot aprmay 2017 p72 article

Discover Taiwan - Scoot

Scoot - in-flight magazine of Scoot, owned by Singapore Airlines, Apr/May 2017 issue